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Internet Services


Web Design

Web design is a general term used to describe the different activities involved in creating a website. From the requirements, through design and development, to delivery of the finished work. Today's businesses require a strong web presence. It's not enough just to have a business card, stationary, and brochures. Businesses now need to take a look what internet services exist for them.

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    Web Design

    • Logo design: upto £200
    • Page design: from £100 per page

Web Servers

A web server is a general term used to describe the computer that your web site files reside on. A web server is simply a computer that has a constant, high speed connection to the Internet. The scope of web server hosting services available varies widely.

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    Static and PHP Web servers

    • 0-200 MB: £10 per month
    • 201 - 401 MB: £50 per month
    • 400 + MB: £100 per month

Internet Domain Names

We can register your internet domain names and act as your domain name host. All the management and renewals of your internet domain names can be handled by us. Leaving you free to concentrate on other things!

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    It is possible to register an internet domain name yourself. However, you may neither the time or technical knowledge which is why we offer to register and manage domains for you as part of our internet services to you.

    • .co.uk, .org.uk: £30 for 2 years
    • .com, .net, .org: £30 for 1 year

Optimization Techniques

Optimization techniques are concerned with improving your position in organic search listings for a wide variety of relevant keywords. Optimisation techniques may increase both the number and quality of visitors of your web site.

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    Search engine optimization techniques are by no means an exact science. As an ongoing internet service we will monitor your website content and meta tags and attempt to keep the website regularly re-indexed to Google via sitemaps. Recommendations for improvements will be given where necessary.

    Website Optimization Techniques

    • £100 per month


Eretailing or e-commerce, sometimes referred to as e-business. Is a method of allowing businesses to distribute, buy, sell, services and goods over the Internet. Eretailing involves the electronic transfer of funds via a payment system.

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    At Dreamix Media we understand the business benefits of Eretailing: A larger global audience; Open 24 hours; The reduction of costs;


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Contents Management

Contents Management is the process of gathering and displaying the information that will be displayed through your web site. At Dreamix Media, we can place the control of contents management in your hands or you may wish leave it to us. The choice is yours.

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    Content creation

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    Content creation

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